Jewish high school, reimagined



Empowering Jewish Education

Revolutionizing Virtual High School Learning for Jewish Teens

At ADRABA, we offer accredited high school courses that not only meet graduation requirements but also deepen the Jewish literacy of our students.

Our unique online platform extends across Ontario, providing a flexible learning environment that integrates Jewish values and traditions with a modern educational approach.

Each course is designed to foster both academic success and a deeper connection to Jewish histories, values and traditions, preparing students for their future while grounding them in their culture.

Cutting-Edge Curricula

At ADRABA, our process of curriculum development happens in three stages.

First, we identify existing Ontario Ministry of Education curricula that meet key graduation requirements or offer valuable university-level credits. We also want to make sure that we have course options for students at every stage of their high school career.

Second, we deconstruct the curriculum to see where we can infuse or add Jewish content to each individual lesson.

Third, we rebuild/design each lesson to align Ministry-mandated goals with our agenda to enhance Jewish literacy and highlight diverse Jewish perspectives.

Dedicated Team of Educators

Our educators are more than teachers; they are mentors who bring passion and expertise into every class, helping each student connect with our histories, traditions and values.

Transforming Jewish Education in Ontario

ADRABA’s innovative online program is making a significant impact on Jewish teens and their communities throughout Ontario.

Because ADRABA goes where no other Jewish educational organization can, we engage meaningfully with teens from Spadina Avenue to Sudbury, and Kingston to Kitchener. We teach, not preach. And we create the space and time for teens to ask big questions and critically consider their answers.

Enhance Your Jewish Literacy

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