Kehillah Life

Jews function best in a kehillah (community).  

Our basic unit is 10!

At ADRABA, by design, our students are integrated into the Jewish community through “Kehillah work.”  Be it through participating in the family shul’s local minyan or tending the bees on Shoresh’s farm, giving one’s time to the kehillah is a form of tikkun olam and gemilut asadim (גְּמִילוּת חֲסָדִים) – acts of kindness and caring.  

We are obligated as Jews to make the world better!

And each learner is required to accumulate a minimum of 18 hours of Kehillah work each academic cycle in order to graduate from ADRABA. This obligation reflects the Ministry of Education’s requirement for the award of an Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

That’s a WIN-WIN for the learner and the Kehillah.