Tech & Learning @ ADRABA

At ADRABA, technology is our tool and our engine.

Computers have changed our lives.  They play a pivotal role in almost every human setting, including the classroom.  Computers are powerful tools, putting all of human knowledge within our grasp.   But computers cannot help us process and analyze that knowledge, or demonstrate what we’ve learned.  That’s on us.  Using technology is only a small part of what we do at ADRABA.  We will surely become tech-savvy in the process, but in the 21st century, that is not enough.  We need to be tech-refined.

At ADRABA, being tech-refined involves learning how to use the information tools of our generation to access knowledge effectively and determine which knowledge is valuable and reliable.  We’ll also learn how to use this information and data to ask critical questions, research and prototype answers and communicate how to use that knowledge to solve real world problems in real time.

ADRABA’s courses also reflect tech-refinement, blending everything from traditional face-to-face instruction with fully synchronous and asynchronous course content from third parties.  At every juncture, students have a Master Teacher, Onsite Educator or Madriḥah to provide support for learning, or a sounding board for new ideas.

ADRABA’s teachers also use technology to manage student learning more discretely whether students are working independently, in pairs or in groups, locally or remotely.  The same tools will connect student, teacher, parent more seamlessly.

All of this is possible because of technology, but none of it would be possible without educators and engaged learners.