"Blended Jewish" is...

…NOT a ḥaroset smoothie!

“Blended Jewish” is our take on a 30 year old teaching practice  blended learning.  Traditionally, blended learning is a form of personalized learning where learning takes place online and in person, supporting teacher practice. This approach often allows students to have some control over time, place, path, or pace of learning.

At ADRABA, “blended Jewish” involves teachers, tech and personalized learning.

We combine face-to-face instruction, independent study, collaborative work, ḥavruta (“friend”-pair) learning, project-based learning and distance learning to personalize the experience for each student.

“Blending Jewish” involves learning how to use technology judiciously and appropriately.  Most importantly, it also doesn’t necessarily involve use of technology every day.

…And, yes, we add a little ḥaroset on the side.  For flavour!