March 30-April 3, April 6-8 and April 13-14

1-2pm EDT

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Though this course is designed for teens, their adults are welcome to join as well!
We cover a lot of stuff, but we cover it in a memorable and exciting way.
Here’s a quick rundown of the topics.
1: Welcome and “Jewish History on One Foot”
2: Christianity from Apostles to Church
3: Islam from the Beginning
4: The Islamic Golden Ages
5: Ashkenaz from the Beginning
6: “Medieval Law & Order”
7: Everyone Expects the Spanish Expulsion
8: Books and the People of the Book
9: Mystics and (False) Messiahs
10: Everyday Lives of Everyday Jews
11: Enlightenment 👉🏽 Emancipation
12: The Challenge of Modernity
13: Eastern Europe
14: Lucky Number 7
15: Lucky Number 7, part 2