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Gotta Get First Past the Post!

Are you worried about democracy? This seems to be a popular concern these days, with elections coming in both the US and Canada - and the forces of disinformation and subversion on the ascent. This week, those concerns seemed to be somewhat allayed - or at least,...

We’re Free, Let’s BBQ!

ADRABA’s Chosen Food course takes a close look at Jewish food culture and digs into the origins of food traditions that mark special events. More often than not, there is a logical explanation - and it usually has something to do with climate and cuisine. For example,...

Summertime and the Schooling is Easy

I am coming in hot today. (No pun intended.) With the high school year wrapping up with Exam Review this week, and the euphoria of summer about to set in, I must confess that I think school should run year-round. I understand this is a wild position to take,...

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