Lady Gaga performed in Israel.

Fact!  Despite pressure brought upon her by activists to stay away, Lady Gaga performed in Israel in 2014 and 2020. Activists argue that boycotting Israel applies pressure on the Israeli government to respect Palestinian rights and international law. Do you agree with this tactic?

Same-sex marriage is illegal in Israel.

FictionSame-sex marriages performed outside of Israel are recognized within Israel. Same-sex Israeli couples, however, cannot legally marry in Israel.  Why can’t they?

Israel is the only Middle-Eastern country where weed is legal.

Fiction!  Cannabis use for medicinal use is legal, and only partially de-criminalized for recreational use.  What is the difference between de-criminalization and legalization?

How do you know when you are being misled?  

Or when the facts are not what they appear to be?

How do you know what to believe?

We have a solution.

Our Media Studies course will give you the skills to analyze news coverage – and be able to make informed conclusions about the issues. You’ll learn how to identify the less-than-obvious positions taken by media sources and their role in shaping your understanding of events.

By critically reviewing the coverage of some of the most momentous and controversial events in the history of Israel and Palestine, you will sharpen your critical thinking skills and learn to unpack complex political events like a pro.

ADRABA’s Media Studies course is approved by the Ministry of Education and offers a high school credit for Grade 11-12 students.

The course is delivered online two evenings per week, giving you more flexibility in your schedule.

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