Full-Time Learning

We believe that blended learning is the best kind of learning.

You'll have time.

With blended learning, you have a lot more control over the pace of your learning than in traditional settings.  

If you grasp the concept, move on to the next one.  If you need a little bit more time, linger.  It’s up to you.


You can be flexible.

In life, learning can happen anytime, anyplace and anywhere.

We’ve designed ADRABA to mimic how we learn in life.   With blended learning, one’s learning is not limited to the time-in-between-bells.  “School” is the springboard for what is possible. 

You'll learn the future.

Learning has changed – and we’ve designed a school from the ground-up to reflect that.

Our excellent teachers still spark interest, frame questions and help learners find answers. But with technology, learners can do much more than what the traditional classroom could ever imagine. 

Our Part-Time Program brings blended learning to a group of motivated learners already committed to traditional high schools. 

As fortunate as they are to experience Jewish learning like they’ve never experienced it before, they only get to delve deep into 21st century learning twice a week.

With full-time learning, you will be able to go deep all day, every day into topics that interest you and topics you may never have thought about before.

Stay Updated!  

We’re beginning Full-Time Learning some time in 2022

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ADRABA offers 21st century learning using a combination of teacher and technology. We designed and built our school to ensure success for every type of learner. But not only do we want to engage your child as a learner, we want to inspire them to new levels of Jewish literacy and involvement in our community. Together, we can secure the Jewish future.