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A Word Problem

In the process of getting ADRABA started, I learned even more about blended learning, Jewish engagement and how ADRABA’s approach to Jewish learning is truly unique in Toronto, if not all of Canada.  I’ve also had to content with a lot of math. Remember word...

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An Accounting of the Soul

The month of Elul is dedicated to introspection, for ḥeshbon nefesh - an accounting of the soul.  The intervening days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur provide us with yet another opportunity to reflect on one’s past actions and seek forgiveness as we look ahead...

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Pitter Patter

We can be many things at this time of year. We can be humble. We can be introspective. We can be reverential. We can be forgiving. The one thing we’re NOT supposed to be is complacent. Complacency, that is, the uncritical satisfaction with oneself and one’s...

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Feedback is good!

One of the most salient pieces of feedback we’ve heard in the process of launching ADRABA is: “No one I know goes to ADRABA.”  It’s true!  No one you know goes to ADRABA… because ADRABA is a brand new program for Jewish high schoolers. And yet, this tidbit of feedback...

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We Like to be Scared, Don’t We?

Many phenomena accompany the hottest weeks of summer. The inevitable traffic jam on the way up to the cottage - and back. The sunscreen-stained scrawl of camp letters assuring one and all that fun is being had. However, with certain children, that list would not be...

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What Now Seems Like Ancient History

I am a basketball fan. However, being from Chicago, and having experienced Michael and Scottie and Dennis bring the Larry O’Brien trophy to the Windy City FIVE TIMES… what can I say? I am happy for y’all and the Raptors. I hope Kawhi stays. But it’s been eleven days...

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“Truly Disruptive Jewish Education”

Jack Wertheimer recently penned a piece about the need for “truly disruptive Jewish education.” Here’s a choice quote which captures what ADRABA is about top to tail.  Emphases mine. If we focus the conversation around what Jews need in order to become active...

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The Future is Here.

In today’s eJewishPhilanthropy, Josh Miller and Seth Linden make the case  to funders that supporting Jewish online learning is worthwhile.   Miller and Linden represent the Jim Joseph Foundation, an organization “devoted exclusively to supporting Jewish education of...

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