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Will Screens Be Our Undoing?

Editor’s Note:  When hot takes in the popular press usually have a headline that poses a saucy question, the answer very often will be NO - but it sure does catch the eye, doesn't it? In 1958, economist John Kenneth Galbraith coined the term “conventional wisdom” to...

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Well yes, but actually no.

Do traditional schools need dramatic changes to improve the learning experience?  YES! Do students need better opportunities for learning in the school context?  YES! In light of recent announcements from Queen’s Park, are we on the right track?  NO. While TDSB kids...

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tl;dr, Vol. 6: Canada 1, USA 0

In their report of their study of Canadian Jews, Robert Brym and Rhonda Lenton found that Canadian Jews are doing much better than their counterparts to the south in every category of “assimilation indicators.”   However, they expressed some concern about “young...

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tl;dr, Vol. 5: The ADRABA Mindset

Dr. Bill Robinson has been running a series of think pieces at eJewishphilanthropy, exploring “Big Ideas” in Jewish education.  This week’s hot take is the kabbalistic concept of tikkun olam.   I don’t want to reproduce the title here because it’s way too long, or get...

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Schrodinger’s School at Prizmah

Imagine a sealed box with a cat and a small tube with potentially radioactive material inside.  If the material is indeed radioactive, the tube is shattered, releasing the poison.  According to one take on this situation, the cat is simultaneously alive AND dead, but...

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Rabbi Harry Pell is the Associate Head of School at Schechter Westchester.  In his piece in yesterday’s eJewishPhilanthropy, he reminisced about a particularly hot take offered by his high school Talmud teacher. His Talmud teacher argued that of all the major...

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tl;dr, Vol. 3: Helping Settle the Glitter

At first, the clinical psychologist looked askance at the school counsellor’s seemingly childish prop.  But then she thought again… Sitting right there was an elegant model of the neurology of the distressed teenager. Early in adolescence, the brain gets remodeled to...

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I Still Hate Facebook. And Google.

Even though the platform keeps me updated on people’s birthdays, it seems that every week brings a new revelation about Facebook mischief.  Society-corroding mischief!  (And it’s not like Facebook contributes to public discourse.  No one was ever convinced of anything...

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