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When you learn Canadian history, Media Studies, World Religion, World Cultures, Philosophy or Chosen Food with us, you’ll expand your knowledge and skills.  You’ll also learn about Jewish culture, history, values and traditions in a fun and interactive way.

Courses meet twice a week online, starting in October.  All civic and Jewish holidays are off!

Each course costs $1,080. You’ll receive a tax receipt for a portion of the amount.

What interests you?

How did the Canada we know become the Canada we know?

Media Studies (EMS3O)

How does the mainstream (and “new”) media frame how we perceive reality?

World Religions & Belief Traditions (HRT3M)

How did Rabbinic Judaism evolve alongside Christianity and Islam?

World Cultures (HSC4M)

How did ancient Judaism borrow from and influence the cultures surrounding it?

Philosophy (HZT4U)

How do we know what is true? How do we apply reason in an unreasonable world?

Chosen Food (IDC4U)

How does climate, culture and cuisine frame what and how we eat as Jews?

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