Part-Time Program (PTP)

Our part-time program (PTP) in Jewish learning is designed for high-school age students who want to pursue some 21st-century Jewish learning while attending their traditional schools full-time. 

PTP will begin at 3:45 pm and run until 6:00 pm.  

We will meet twice a week, October through the end of May.

The first session takes place at in our learning space on Mondays.

The second session, where learners work on achieving their learning goals, will take place on Wednesdays in the same space.

We are offering a course entitled World Religions and Belief Traditions: Perspectives, Issues, and Challenges

We will explore a period in history where Judaism, Christianity and Islam evolved and grew into world religions.  

We will learn about how each religion confronted the big questions of human experience, and how each regarded the individual within the family, society and the world. 

We will also explore the connections between religion and the development of civilization.  

Most importantly, we will learn the skills necessary to research, think about and think critically about world religions. 

Cost: $613

For more details, deadlines or questions, contact us at [email protected] or…

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