Part-Time Program (PTP)

Our part-time program (PTP) in Jewish learning is designed for high-school age students who want to pursue some 21st-century Jewish learning while attending their traditional schools full-time. 

PTP will begin at 3:45 pm and run until 6:00 pm.  

We will meet twice a week, October through the end of May at our learning space in the CSI Annex (720 Bathurst).

CHOSEN FOOD is open to any high school student who already earned a “U” credit – or loves food and cooking.


In the course of this course, you’ll learn about what makes food kosher, which one dish is eaten by Jews the world over, why Jews ran most of the taverns in Poland and how hummus might bring peace to the Middle East.  And MUCH, MUCH MORE!


And, in the process, you’ll sharpen your kitchen skills and learn some good recipes with renown chefs and mavens from across the GTA!


Cost: $613


For more details, deadlines or questions, contact us at [email protected] or…