Selecting a Program

High school is one of the most formative times in your learning life.

We have two excellent programs that will meet

your academic, cultural and spiritual demands.


Part-Time Program

launched October, 2020

Do you like the high school program you currently attend?  Great!  I’m sure it addresses all your academic needs and will suitably prepare you for the next level of learning. 

However, your excellent secular school education will not prepare you for what’s coming next in your Jewish life.  ADRABA’s Part-Time Program will bring you together with Jewish peers from across the GTA and the province to explore our history, thought or food culture.  In the process, you’ll learn critical thinking skills, how to ask questions and find answers – and most importantly, connect to our tradition, histories and values in a totally new way. 

Full-Time Learning

beginning sometime after 2022

Are you an exceptional middle schooler considering your options for high school?  This city has a plethora of traditional options – but only one which brings together cutting-edge technology, personalized learning, secular and Jewish studies in one place.

ADRABA will deliver the same innovative, personalized experience part-time learners experience – except you’ll have even more time to explore, inquire and grow as a learner as you accomplish all of your learning goals toward an Ontario Secondary School Diploma. 

Imagine learning in school they way you learn in life.  Start with a challenge or a question and bring to bear all the tools technology puts at your disposal to solve it.  Consult your peers.  Consult experts in house and across the planet.  Come up with a solution.  Test it.  Fail.  Try again.