Sholom in Times of Israel

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Antisemitism is not a fight we can win. The numbers are simply not in our favour. We Jews are approximately 15,000,000 in a population on Earth of 8,000,000,000. There appear to be far more active and potential antisemites in the greater community than we will ever be able to reach with any education program. Antisemites and antisemitism are problems, no doubt, but we Jews are another real problem. The Jewish condition today and our future suffer from the malaise caused by ongoing disengagement with Judaism, lack of connection to our people, and ignorance about our history and tradition. No wonder we are dismayed at the current antisemitism! As a people, we really don’t know of such periods free of antisemitism. Our current situation is what we are left with from, amongst other things, mediocre Jewish education. We have a generation of Jews who don’t know enough about what being Jewish is. This is a problem in the community ‘laity’ (amcha) and in its leadership.

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