Summer or Fall? OR Both?

ADRABA is a blend of traditional teaching and tech leveraged to expand the possibilities of Jewish learning. 


This summer, we’re offering something light, something fun and something thoughtful for teens.

Our Summer Sessions cover a range of engaging topics, from pop culture to history to current events.

Our Fall courses are equally engaging, thoughtful …and delicious! (Ask us about for-credit options!) 

starting July 6

Once a week for an hour.

July Sessions

Jews on TV

Mondays @ 10am or Mondays @ 7pm 

Mizrakh, Ashkenaz, Sepharad and More

Mondays @ 11am or Mondays @ 8pm

August Sessions

Jews on Film

Wednesdays @ 8pm or Thursdays @11am


“The Conflict”

Wednesdays @ 7pm or Thurs @ 10am

starting October 19 

Our Fall courses are designed for high-school-age students who want to pursue some 21st-century Jewish learning while attending their traditional schools full-time. 

CHOSEN FOOD begins at 3:45 pm and runs until 6 pm, Mondays and Wednesdays at the CSI Annex (720 Bathurst).  In the course of this course, you’ll learn about what makes food kosher, which one dish is eaten by Jews the world over, why Jews ran most of the taverns in Poland and how hummus might bring peace to the Middle East.  And MUCH, MUCH MORE! 

And, in the process, you’ll sharpen your kitchen skills and learn some good recipes with renown chefs and mavens from across the GTA!

We have a number of e-learning options as well in Comparative Religions (HRT3M) and Jewish philosophy (HZT4U).

If we are fortunate enough to be able to meet as normal, we are ready to go.  Because of our intimate cohorts, we are not worried about exceeding class size caps.  Most importantly, blended learning makes learning agile, so we can adjust to almost anything 2020 (and 2021) can throw at us.