ADRABA Summer Sessions

ADRABA is a blend of traditional teaching and tech leveraged to expand the possibilities of Jewish learning.

This summer, we’re offering something light, something fun and something thoughtful for teens.

Our August Summer Sessions cover a range of engaging topics, from pop culture to history to current events:

August Sessions: 

Starting August 5

“The Conflict”

What do we talk about when we talk about Israel-Palestine?  Join us for a values-based exploration into the history and context of “the Conflict.”  This session is co-sponsored by the New Israel Fund of Canada

Wed @ 7pm / Thurs @ 10am

Jews on Film

Jews have been part of Hollywood since the beginning, mostly behind the camera. Join us for a look at classic and more recent examples of how Jews and Jewish stories have been told by the major studios. (And, where relevant, we’ll also look at small screens too!) 

Wed @ 8pm / Thurs @11am

We meet once a week for an hour.  

If you can’t make the morning meeting, join us in the evening. 

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