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ADRABA Announces the Launch of Toronto’s First 21st Century Jewish High School.


Toronto, Ontario  AUGUST 15, 2018

ADRABA announced today that it plans to open Toronto’s first 21st century Jewish high school.  With initial support from the AVI CHAI Foundation and Jack Weinbaum Family Foundation, ADRABA will provide a fully accredited high school experience with an emphasis on Jewish literacy and community engagement. 

ADRABA’s vision is bold, forward looking and inclusive.  With technology as the engine for learning, every student’s pathway will be personalized.  What effectively is a “school of one” is networked to many – teachers, practitioners and peers.

ADRABA’s focus on “MAJESTY” combines Math, Arts, Science, Technology and Engineering with Jewish literacy and Yiddishkeit.

“Our students can truly engage with Jewish tradition, values and history and through their learning and doing, come into their own as members of our community,” said Frank Samuels, ADRABA’s Lead Educator.

Allan Weinbaum, Foundation director, agreed:  “We support ADRABA because of this inclusive vision.  ADRABA’s forward thinking and its emphasis on sustainability captured our imagination.”

ADRABA will open its doors on September 3, 2019 with an inaugural cohort of 30 students.

ADRABA’s approach – blended learning – has been used effectively in almost 200 high schools across North America since the late 1990s.  Blended learning combines online digital media with traditional classroom methods.  ADRABA’s “blended Jewish” integrates face to face instruction with havruta work, project based learning, group work and independent study.

And best of all, this blend of traditional Jewish learning and experiences with 21st century education can be delivered at a mid-20th century price point.

“21st century learning is powerful.  It’s freedom.  It’s choice.  It’s relevance.  But best of all, it’s sustainable,” said Sholom Eisenstat, ADRABA’s Lead Tech consultant. “Designing a 21st century school from the ground up makes this possible.”

ADRABA is eager to share information with families, educators and community members.  Pre-Registration for 21st century students and staff opens in September, 2018.

For more details, connect with ADRABA now at info@adraba.ca. 

ADRABA was founded by Dan Aviv, Sholom Eisenstat and Frank Samuels – three early-tech-adopter Jewish educators who believe that we can do more and better with technology.  Though they have extensive experience in Jewish education in common, they also personally embody a broad spectrum of educational and political perspectives as well as religious practices.  But above all, they are committed to Jewish learning and the raising up of the next generation of literate, engaged Jews.