Jewish high school, reimagined


Some of our more frequently asked questions…

How much does an ADRABA course cost?

Each course costs $1,080.  However, if you register EARLY, you might qualify for an early-bird discount.  Also, a portion of the cost comes back to you in the form of a tax receipt.

What courses does ADRABA offer?

ADRABA offers a variety of courses including Canadian History, Media Studies, World Cultures, Philosophy, Chosen Food, and – new for 2024 – World Cultures. All courses are designed for high school credit in Ontario.

How many students are needed for a course to run?

Each course needs a minimum registration of 4 students.  If you’re concerned that the course of your choice might not happen because of low numbers, bring a friend or three!

How does online learning work at ADRABA?

Our learning platform allows students to engage with interactive content and teachers synchronously and asynchronously, ensuring flexibility and a comprehensive learning experience. We use ZOOM, Google Classroom, Menti, Miro and other apps to make learning engaging and fun. 

Are ADRABA's courses recognized for high school credits?

Yes, all our courses are accredited and recognized for high school credits in Ontario. ADRABA operates under the Ontario Inspected High School BSID #885298.

Can I enroll in ADRABA from anywhere in Ontario?

Absolutely! ADRABA’s online nature means you can enroll and participate in our courses from any location across Ontario.

When do courses start? How often do they meet?

Classes begin in October and run through mid-June.  Each course meets twice a week for 90 minutes in the late afternoon/early evening.

Can I join the class after it starts?

Absolutely! Courses are open to new students until the end of November.  You’ll have some catch up to do…

What makes ADRABA different from other online high schools?

ADRABA integrates Jewish learning with general studies, offering a unique curriculum that emphasizes 21st-century skills and Jewish values, all delivered through a cutting-edge online platform.

How do I register for courses at ADRABA?

To register, click on the ‘Enroll Now’ button below.  Or you can contact us directly at (437) 777-2372 or via email at info@adraba.ca for assistance.