We like videos.  When done well, they can enlighten and engage.  Here are some about us, blended learning and how theory has been put into practice in a variety of settings.

This is the first in a series of clips highlighting some of the learning that went on in our ADRABA Sessions for adults.

More to come!

This second clip from the ADRABA Sessions focuses on Constantine, the first “Christian Emperor” of Rome.

This third clip from the ADRABA Sessions explores Augustine’s take on Judaism and its relationship to Christianity.

Watch how the Moriah School, a Jewish day school in New Jersey, transformed the learning experience with blended learning. 

We all have a sense that the status quo in education isn’t working.  This video identifies six specific problems – and how blended-learning and judicious use of technology can address them. 

Watch how, for the Intrinsic School in Chicago, IL, blended learning not only redefined how they learn but how they re-configured the space where the learning happens.