An Accounting of the Soul

by | Oct 3, 2019 | Special Days | 0 comments

The month of Elul is dedicated to introspection, for ḥeshbon nefesh – an accounting of the soul. 

The intervening days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur provide us with yet another opportunity to reflect on one’s past actions and seek forgiveness as we look ahead to judgment – and improvement!

It is in this spirit of reflection that I turn to you, dear reader, to ask for your forgiveness – and your thoughts.

If we fill your inbox with too much verbiage, please excuse us.  We don’t mean to be spammy.  We just want to stay in touch!

We’d also like to hear from you about ADRABA.  We’ve been working for quite some time on this project and, understandably, we lack perspective.  So, if you have a moment, hit “reply” and share some thoughts with us.  A sentence would be more than enough.

How does it look from where you are?  Is there something more we should be doing – or less?  Is there something that we’re missing completely?  What do you think we need to do to better spread the word?

In advance, thank you for your feedback.  We appreciate it.

And g’mar tov to you and yours!