More Affirmation about ADRABA’s Vision for the Jewish Future

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In the previous edition of the ADRABA Newsletter, I shared a piece from Jack Wertheimer about the need for “truly disruptive Jewish education.”  We’re doing that – by design.


Today’s eJewishPhilanthropy delivered additional affirmation of our vision. What we call “Jewish literacy,” Alex Pomson calls “cultural virtuosity.”  Tomato, tomahto!  


Here’s a choice quote:

Hundreds of miles apart, these students were being initiated into the essentials of Jewish culture: the ability to tell stories about profound moments from the Jewish past, contribute to the well-being of society, engage in meaning-generating text-study, pray fluently, and appreciate Israel’s significance. These skills and knowledge went beyond merely being culturally competent.

ADRABA is designed for and dedicated to fostering generations of Jewishly literate Jews.  But more importantly, we want these literate Jews to go forth and actively engage with the Jewish community. A vibrant school adds depth and vigour to our city’s Jewish ecosystem.  Its graduates, out in the world, make our community thrive.