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ADRABA began as an idea. 

When Sholom Eisenstat and Frank Samuels imagined ADRABA over a decade ago, whatever ADRABA was going to be, it was always supposed to be small and nimble.  It, as an institution, was designed to be able to take in new information and feedback, iterate and re-iterate.  ADRABA was built to improve.

Every curriculum has been constructed to be mindful of the students learning it.  Although the basic content does not change from year to year (i.e., Plato remains Greek.  The First Crusade still began in 1096), how the learning happens and how it is assessed is always changing.

And this week, ADRABA did something to improve its messaging.  We added a staff person to speak to that issue directly.

Here’s a brief welcome from our newest staff member Tyler Samuels.

Hi, I’m Tyler! I was born and raised in Markham, Ontario, before attending the University of Toronto at Scarborough Campus (UTSC), where I majored in History and Political Science. I will be in charge of community engagement for ADRABA, where I look forward to connecting with our community and working together to create meaningful impact. I’ll travel across Ontario to meet Jewish parents and students to advance a new form of Jewish education. I am most excited about meeting and engaging with our community members.

We hope that Tyler will get a chance to meet you wherever you are – and share with you all of our amazing course offerings.  Never before have Jewish teens across Ontario had such an opportunity to enhance their Jewish literacy while fulfilling so many graduation requirements.

Tyler is also eager to hear your thoughts about Jewish learning and how we can increase engagement and education in your community.

Tyler can be reached at tyler@adraba.ca or on the ADRABA-phone at (437) 777-2372. 

Give him a shout, perhaps to say “Hey!” or “Welcome!” or to ask that question about ADRABA you’ve always wondered about but never got around to asking. 

Now is the time!  And Tyler is ready with answers!

This article shares INSIGHTS into the types of topics we teach in our online high school courses.

Have we peaked your curiosity to learn more about our virtual school?

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