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Reconstructing Constantine

Saskia Cort, a Swedish influencer, instructed her Instagram followers to ask their male partners and friends how often they thought about the Roman empire. It turned that out that lots of men thought about the Roman empire several times a week. This week will be no...

Sholom in Times of Israel

Antisemitism is not a fight we can win. The numbers are simply not in our favour. We Jews are approximately 15,000,000 in a population on Earth of 8,000,000,000. There appear to be far more active and potential antisemites in the greater community than we will ever be...

A Mixed Bag

Yom Ha’Atzmaut (Israel Independence Day) has always been a mixed bag.  Yes, for most Israelis, it is a day of unalloyed celebration, of mangals, plastic hammers and silly string. It is a day that marks the return of Jewish self-determination in their ancestral...

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