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Sholom’s piece at Lehrhaus

Check out Sholom's piece about what is arguably the most famous textual anomaly in the Torah scroll: the "inverted nuns" in the Book of Numbers. This article shares INSIGHTS into the types of topics we teach in our online high school courses. Have we peaked your...

One Canadian’s Perspective on Juneteenth and Emancipation Day

Today marks Juneteenth, an American holiday celebrating the historical moment in 1865 when enslaved African-Americans in Texas were informed that the 1863 Emancipation Proclamation (which freed them) came into effect with the end of the American Civil War. However,...

In Spite of Everything, Anne Frank Still Believes

Three thoughts about Anne Frank: #1: When Anne Frank pops up in folks’ social media timelines these days, it’s usually to point out that she shares a birth year with Martin Luther King Jr., Bob Newhart, and Barbara Walters. This fact is supposed to warp one’s sense of...

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