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Masada: A Testament to Jewish Resilience and Unity

Masada, a mountain stronghold with a view of the Dead Sea in Israel, is a place of historical importance and a symbol of Jewish strength, resistance and the fight for independence. Yesterday, on April 16th, the capture of Masada by the Romans in 73 CE following a...

In the Ghetto

On this day in 1516, the Venice ghetto was established. Since the mid-20th century, mere mention of the word “ghetto” evokes Jewish ghosts and Nazi demons. However, the word has a much longer history, one that does not necessarily paint portraits in solely dark...

Total Eclipse and a (Lunar) Chart

In five days, that is Monday, April 8, Toronto will witness a near-total solar eclipse between 2:04 pm and 4:31 pm, with the peak happening at 3:19 pm. At that moment, most of the Sun's light will be covered by the Moon, plunging Canada’s biggest city into darkness....

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